Productivity tips & printable planner pages

After working from home for almost a month, I finally feel like I’m getting the hang of it and finding a decent balance. I had never worked remotely before and rarely worked from home, so this was a very new experience for me.

Since a lot of us are currently in the same situation, I thought I would share some of my top tips.

Create a schedule

It’s really important, especially when working from home, to create a schedule and follow it. It’s easy to drift from work tasks into home tasks, so having separate to-do lists for each can be helpful and keep you on track. Also, don’t forget to add in some breaks so you can step away from the screen to rest your eyes and mind.

Communicate with your team

In an office, conversations happen organically but it’s very difficult to re-create that remotely. I have found that putting in some extra time at the end of stand-up calls can be useful. It allows you to talk a little more about what you are doing and get some additional input from your team. Slack has also been a key tool while working remotely. One thing I recommend when asking a question on Slack is to post it in a team channel instead of a direct message so more people can see it and respond.

Allocate time for focused tasks

While communication is important, the number of notifications you receive during the day can become overwhelming. This can cause you to context switch often, in turn, be less productive. Setting aside 60 - 90 minutes to focus on a task can help you “get in the zone” and finish your tasks quicker.

Hopefully, those tips will help you make the most of working from home. In addition to those, I have also created some planner pages to help you create your schedules. They can be printed or used digitally.

Download monthly shedule

Download weekly schedule

Download round tracker (29/30/31 days)

Download mini monthly tracker

If you would like to share them with anyone, please share the link to this blog instead of sharing the files directly.

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